About MGP

A premier triple net lease REIT with iconic, award-winning assets of diversified leisure, entertainment and hospitality across the United States 


Portfolio Snapshot


  • Visible growth opportunities 
    • Master lease provides contractual rent growth through 2022
    • Pursuit of attractive third party net lease acquisitions in leisure, entertainment, hospitality and related sectors
    • Right of first offer to MGM Springfield 

Strong tenant in MGM Resorts International 

  • We have a clear financial portfolio given the transparency in our tenant, MGM Resorts International
    • Well known, publicly traded S&P 500 company
    • Leading globally integrated resort operator with highly recognized brands in the industry
  •  Experienced management team with considerable operations background
  •  Established track record of reinvesting in its assets
  • Corporate guarantee of the tenant’s performance and payments under the master lease provides market leading rent coverage


1. As of 12/31/2016, post-acquisition numbers include MGP's properties and MGM National Harbor. As of 12/31/2016, MGM National Harbor had 308 hotel rooms, 23 acres of land (subject to a ground lease), 50,000 square feetof convention space, and approximately 125,000 square feet of casino space.
2. As of 6/30/2017, post-acquisition numbers include MGM National Harbor. As of 6/30/2017, the Company estimates the net carrying value of the MGM National Harbor assets was $1.14 billion, solely comprising the estimated net carrying value of the buildings and improvements at MGM National Harbor, including accumulated depreciation of $22.0 million. The land at MGM National Harbor is subject to a ground lease and not included in the estimate of the net carrying value of the MGM National Harbor assets.